We supply coffee shops and restaurants across South Wales. We offer a large range of cake flavours that are avaliable in either pre-cut tray bake styles or 10 inch double layer round cakes.

All our products are suitable for freezing.

If you would like to join our growing number of suppliers please either email sara@naturallykindfood.co.uk or complete the contact form below - we'd love to hear from you!


Tray bakes

We pre-cut our gorgeous tray bakes into 16 generous slices.  This gives you the freedom to display a selection of flavours and takes away the hassel of having staff attempting to cut cakes.

Round cakes

Our round cakes are elegant, tasty and perfect to display in any cosy tea room or cool coffee shop.  Sitting under a dome or on the counter, eye catching and mouth watering!

Crisp bars

We have invented the most moreish, chocolately, crispy, chewy bars your tastebuds have ever encountered. A firm favourite that customers have to return for.

Chocolate cups

Our chocolate cups have a cult following, they have even had poems written about them!  A crisp tempered chocolate shell, filled with chocolate ganache and flavoured with peanut butter, Oreo, and Lotus. Available in mixed boxes of 24.


Our brownies have taken a lot of development, but now we can proudly say they are the best out there! Peanut butter, Oreo, walnut, raspberry and lotus flavours :)

Roast peanut bars

Nothing compares to our trade mark roast peanut bars. Peanuts and chocolate. Refined sugar free. They are awesome. Enough said.

Cashew creams

Our cashew cream slices are a premium dessert addition. They are refined sugar free, soya free. Cashews blended to create a clean and sophisticated cheesecake like dessert.

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