Our birthday cakes are available in different styles and sizes -  please contact us for more details.

vegan drip cake Cardiff Wales

Classic drip cake. £50

Flavours can be picked from below.

vegan cake bakery Cardiff, best cake

10 inch double layer £40

best vegan cake bakery Wales
vegan drip celebration cake Swansea Cardiff Wales

Chocolate fudge 7 inch cake with sprinkles and cake balls £45

Drip cake with sprinkles 7 or 8 inch

vegan cake bakery Cardiff Wales Swansea

3 layered 8 inch birthday cake with added sprinkles £45.  This one has additional marbelling.

7 inch triple layered cake £40

vegan celebration wedding cake Wales Cardiff

Chocolate ganache with gold leaf, black grapes and strawberries £50

10 inch double layer cake with sprinkles £45

vegan cake vegan bakery vegan wedding
vegan bakery Swansea, vegan cake Bridgend,
best vegan cake Cardiff Wales Bridgend

3 layered cake £40

 See flavours below

Orange and raspberry drip £50

vegan birthday cake Bridgend, Vegan cake Swansea, vegan celebration Cardiff,

Orange and raspberry 7 inch triple layer £40

All our cakes and brownies contain soya, wheat gluten and nuts or traces of nuts including peanuts

Cake flavours

Mango and coconut

Exotic mango and sweet coconut combine to make a  beautiful and fruity cake.

Chocolate fudge

We use only the best cocoa to produce a rich and decedant chocolate fudge that is perfect for an indulgent birthday.

Citrus and raspberry

Rich citrus flavours or either lemon or orange -your choice -  and sharp summery raspberries make this cake stand out. 

Matcha, pistachio and coconut

Japanese green tea with flaked pistachio and coconut combine to make a stunning looking and gorgeous tasting cake. 

Coffee and walnut

Intense and rich coffee mixed with nibbed soft walnuts - a traditional cake that is perfect for any occasion.

Hazelnut chocolate chip

Our madagasgarn vanilla beautifully complements toasted nibbed hazelnuts and chocolate chips - a cake you want a second slice of!

Elderflower and lemon

Fragrant elderflower and crisp lemon make a beautifully delicate cake to be enjoyed on any occasion.

Cherry bakewell

Almonds and cherries are just the perfect combination. we have addapted the traditional bakewell to make a truly scrumptious cake.  If you haven't tried it, you really must!

Salted chocolate caramel

Can a cake have too much chocolate?! We don't think so!  Our famous chocolate salted caramel is the high point in naughty chocolatey heaven.

Lemon and blueberry

Clean fresh lemon sponge, filled with plump blueberries is a favourite with our lovely customers, and who can blame them, we love it too!

Vanilla and cherry jam

Madagascarn vanilla is rich, creamy tasting.  Paired with sweet cherry jam, this is our twist on the traditional Victoria sponge cake.  Wrapped in vanilla frosting, this is the perfect birthday cake.

Rose and pistachio

Our fragrant rose cake is beautifully complimented by aromatic cardamom and pistachio. We dress this lovely cake with rose petals and pistachio shavings. 

Orange, ginger and walnut

You might have to put on a cozy jumper to eat this aumtumnal tasting cake.  Our firey ginger mixed with orange and walnut is perfect for enjoying on a chilly evening with a big mug of tea.

Mango and blueberry

This is our sunshine cake. Glorious mango puree and plump sweet blueberries bring you a slice of sun what ever the weather.  Perfect.

Carrot and cinnamon

Earthy carrots, plump sultanas, nibbed walnuts and spicy cinnamon make this cake a firm favourite. Moist, sweet and comforting. Why not try a slice?

Chocolate brownies

Everyone loves a brownie..or 16!  Why not treat yourself to a box of brownies...we have a choice of flavours. Our famous peanut butter brownies, raspberry, Oreo, walnut or just good 'ol chocolate brownies.

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best vegan cake Cardiff
celebration vegan best cake

Add that bling for an extra £5

vegan celebration vegan cake, Cardiff
vegan birthday vegan cake

Spring time

100's and 1000's

Ice cream fairy

Collect your cake from...

vegan Bridgend cake, vegan Swansea, Cardiff vegan bakery

Galatic gatsby

vegan celebration birthday best cake,

Crumbs uplands - Monday

Naturally Kind Food - Bridgend Mon- Fri

Anna-Loka  - Fridays

vegan bakery Bridgend
vegan cake bakery Cardiff, vegan bakery Swansea.
vegan birthday cake Swansea, Cardiff, Bridgend.
vegan cake Cardiff, vegan cake Swansea, vegan cake Bridgend.
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best vegan cake Cardiff, birthday cake Swansea, vegan Swansea.
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vegan cake Cardiff, vegan birthday cake Swansea, vegan bakery Bridgend.
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vegan birthday Swansea, vegan cake Bridgend, vegan celebration Cardiff.
Vegan cake Swansea, vegan celebration Cardiff,
vegan birthday cake Swansea, vegan cake Cardiff, Bridgend, vegan.
Vegan birthday cake Swansea, vegan bakery Cardiff.
vegancake, vegan cake Bridgend

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best vegan cake Cardiff Swansea birthday
vegan cake Cardiff Swansea
vegan birthday cake Cardiff Swansea
Best cake vegan birthday celebration Cardiff Swansea,
Vegan cake Cardiff Swansea, vegan birthday cake Swansea.
Vegan cake Swansea, vegan cake Cardiff, vegan bakery Wales.
vegan cake Cardiff Swansea
Vegan cake, vegan Cardiff, vegan Swansea
vegan cake Cardiff, vegan bakery Cardiff

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